I never thought I would see the city I had heard so much about over my 18 years. As I glimpsed the beautiful spires of Morena Square, I knew that I was on my way to meet my Erus.
I had many nights to think of him and hoped I would be chosen by a kind Erus. Lost in my awe of the city and thoughts of the Erus, I was unaware the carriage had stopped.
“Out candidate! Now!” The gruff and unfriendly voice of the driver bellowed.
As I exited, in my now wrinkled and dingy red cloak, with its gold triquetra adorning the back and a small one above my left breast, denoting my Integra status; I slipped, because my legs were weak from the five day carriage ride.
I knew that no one would catch my fall and I was going to be punished, but my arm was quickly grabbed and a low voice murmured, “Careful now Integra, you should not dirty yourself…Yet.”
The voice was so soothing and the hand that grasped my arm was so strong. I let a little hope go that this would be my Erus, but they were not allowed to see the candidates before the viewing.
After regaining my balance, the hand released me and I was lead to my temporary cell to await the viewing and then for the choosing by the Erus. After hearing the door close, I was instructed that it was safe to remove my cloak and clean myself. I removed my cloak and found a small room with a wash basin, bed, stand and shackles dangled from the walls, ceiling and all the posts of the bed. This was a smaller room than mine in Sorna, butI knew thatI would be Serva to a powerful Erus and would have better things soon. I proceeded to wash and then rest on the bed. I was soon asleep and dreaming of my Erus.
I was startled to hear, “Awake, now! The Erus arrive and you are to be seen. Dress!”
I saw a red corset, with the gold triquetra across the bodice, red lace garters, a red thong, black stockings and red six-inch heels had been carefully laid out for me. I quickly dressed and awaited my next command. I didn’t wait long before I was ordered to adorn my cloak and exit to the hall. I was then ordered to stand back against the wall.
I waited with such anticipation. This was what I had striven for my whole life and I knew that I was bringing honor and pride to my family. To be chosen to be Serva was high praise, but to be Integra, I was elated. My mind wandered to when I was told I was to be Serva, server to an Erus; I was scared and to be Integra, untouched, that was unexpected. Serva was within my class, but to be Integra was for the powerful. My family was not in that position.
“To be a Serva, you must leave your family and do everything you are told,” my Mother told me. “I will teach you what I can, then we will seek a professional, to teach you the rest. You will have to learn many things and follow all orders.”
I knew what this meant for my middle-class family. I would bring a boost in status and finances. I was overjoyed.
“Firstly, you will no longer see any males, all will be done by me or by your sisters. Secondly, you will no longer wear clothing, so being naked will be natural for you and thirdly, we shall have you fitted for a corset. All the best Erus prefer a Serva in a tight corset.”
I listened to my Mother and my teacher and I was chosen to be Integra, only because of my beauty, stature and poise.
“Remove your hoods!” Echoed the voice in my ears and causing me to jump.
I quickly removed my hood and was taken out of my memories of my Mother and teacher.
Without moving, I looked to my right to see only one other candidate, a very petite blond with an angelic profile. As I looked to my left, I saw another candidate with hair, red like fire and skin that looked like fresh cream. I was glad that we were only three candidates. When I heard footsteps, I looked back to my left to see three people, walking toward the blond. She straightened up at the sound of the footsteps.
The men stood in a triangle formation, in front of the blond, “Lift your head. Very pretty. Now, turn for me and place your hands on the wall.”
The blond slowly did as she was told. The man in front reached around and unclipped her cloak and it fell to the floor. She was now nude, but for her thong and heels. He placed the shackles on her wrists and then trailed his hands down her body to her waist. As he reached her waist, he pulled her off her feet and set her back down about a foot from the wall, her butt was now slightly raised to him. He pulled her legs apart and caressed her pussy. Shortly after he began to caress her, she let out a small gasp.
“Quiet! You will be silent unless ordered not to be. It is fine, I’m done with this one, but she must be punished. Return her to her room and chain her to her bed as she is now.”
“Yes Sir!” One of the men in back removed the blonds shackles and lead her to her room.
The other two men came in my direction.
“I only hope the next one was trained better,” the Erus commented, coldly.
As the two men approached me, I was both excited and nervous. I wanted so badly to be chosen and not to be a disgrace, as the blond had been. I would need to concentrate on my training. My eyes followed the men, until they reached me, then I closed them and took a deep breath.
“Lift your head,” commanded the Erus, still slightly annoyed.
I lifted my head with open eyes to be met with a green eyed, dark haired, handsome man. I resisted smiling my pleasure at his appearance.
“Beautiful green eyes like emeralds in the moon light.”
I had never heard anyone say anything like that to me. He soon reached to remove my cloak and I didn’t move as his fingers brushed my skin and my cloak fell to the floor.
“Ahh, a corset. I love to have my Servas in corsets. Do you always wear a corset, my beauty?”
“Yes Sir, I do,” I replied.
“Wonderful,” he said, as he reached for my breast. “Wonderful indeed.”
I wanted so badly to be his chosen. He slowly massaged my breast pinching my nipple then trailed his fingers down my corset, to my pussy. He pinched and twisted my already excited clit through the thin material of my thong then rubbed my slightly damp slit.
“Already wanting more, I do like an eager Serva candidate,” he said, with a slight purr.
“Return her to her room,” the Erus stated coldly, short and flatly.
He then turned and walked away. The other man grabbed my arm roughly and almost tossed me into my room.
I was shocked. I was told by my teacher that if I was chosen I would be led to the Adsuma Chamber, to be claimed by my Erus.
“What had I done wrong?” I thought.
I did all I was taught, I didn’t make an error. Maybe he didn’t like I was aroused, I can’t help that it’s natural.
“Clean and rest,” I was told.
I tried not to think about what I could’ve done differently, as I cleaned myself and settled on the bed to rest. As I lay on the bed, all I saw when I closed my eyes, was the Erus. I knew I was bringing shame to my family in not being chosen. I did take comfort, knowing that I was not being punished and would be returned to my family to be wedded. I did not cry or sob, I just thought about the events and all the time I had wasted, to be turned away, for reasons I did not know.
I finally slept, but was awoken by a quiet female voice, “Arise my lady, your new life begins today.”
I opened my eyes to see the blond, her hair was tied back in a tight braid, falling over her shoulder and was clothed in a short black dress. The dress showed all her curves and barely covered her small, but shapely ass and accentuated her lightly tanned skin.
“You have been chosen, we must move quickly to get you ready.”
I was shocked and thought I must be dreaming, “He dismissed me, I was not chosen.”
My comment was greeted with a smile, “That was a test to see how you would react and you did wonderfully. I must thank you, the Erus was elated with you and rewarded me in return to be your companion. I am Anoly. Come we must clean you.”
Anoly prepared my wash basin and waved me over.
“I am Amoria and thank you, but I can clean myself,” I tried to sound confident, but it came out more confused.
“My orders are to care, clean, dress and be a companion to you, until my end or yours. I am to be punished if I don’t do as I am told. Please let me do as I am told,” Anoly pleaded.
I nodded and let her do as she had been told. As Anoly worked, I thought about what it meant to be chosen. I was going to be the Serva for an Erus. I was very nervous that I might not be good enough for him.
After Anoly had me dressed in a long red gown, with a long slit up the side covering my corset, but not my silk garters and my red heels, she put my cloak on me, “Follow me and keep your head down, we are going to the Erus now. Don’t worry he is a very kind and caring man.”
I was still worried that I would fail. I followed Anoly and kept my head down. We walked for a short time, when I heard, “Thank you, Anoly. You may remain, but stay silent.”
I heard light footsteps coming toward me, then I saw his bare feet just inches from me.
“Raise your head, my Integra.”
I raised my head and he removed my hood. I looked deeply into his eyes and melted, knowing that I was now his.
As he removed my cloak, he told me that he was glad that I passed his test and that my beauty was more than what he had been told. He also let me know that Anoly was to be with me at all times, unless she was needed by him privately. As I listened to him talk about what was expected of me, my mind wandered to what was about to happen. He was going to take me and make me his Servaprim. We would be wed and I was expected to produce an heir, quickly. If he tired of me or I didn’t produce an heir, he could end my life. I felt a hand grip my shoulder waking me from my thoughts.
The Erus said, “My name is Adican and I know you have heard little of what I have just said, Anoly will fill you in later. Come, let us begin.”
I stood in slight terror, as he held his hand out to me. I slowly took his hand and was led to the large, four-poster, canopy bed in the middle of the room.
He stood at the foot of he bed and pulled me in close and kissed me with force, pushing my lips open with his tongue and then he pushed his tongue into my mouth. He kissed me as if I was the only air in the room and he was suffocating. The kiss was quickly broken and he spun me around so I was up against the bed.
“You had a teacher?”
“Yes,” I shakily replied.
“But you have not seen a man since childhood,” he calmly asked.
“That is correct, I have not seen a man until coming here,” I stated a bit more steadily.
“Perfect, then shall we begin,” Adicans eyes had a glinted as he spoke. “I want my orders carried out quickly and precisely. Kneel!”
I knelt, as he unbuckled his pants. Adican removed them in a fast fluid motion and I now saw his cock, starting to rise before my eyes.
“Were you taught to suck a real cock or mechanical?” He asked in this calm tone.
“Both, sir, but real only once,” I responded back, my voice shaky.
“We shall have to get you someone to practice with. Until then, I will assist you,” Adican sounded angry with me and I was startled.
He had a hold of his cock and was moving it to my mouth. I was unsure what to do.
“Open your mouth,” he ordered.
I did. Adican grabbed my hair and rammed his cock in my throat, causing me to gag for a moment. He kept his cock in my throat, until I relaxed. He slowly pulled out and I started to use my tongue to explore. I caressed him and sucked his cock. He quietly moaned and moved my head back and forth. I was not sure I was doing anything correct until I felt him swell and pulse in my mouth. I knew that he was going to cum.
“Nod if you have swallowed,” Adican said, with a bit of hesitation in his voice.
I nodded. I had swallowed cum once.
“Then you shall do it again.”
As soon as he finished speaking, he was spurting down my throat and I was hurriedly trying to swallow all I could. I knew if I missed any I would be punished.
“Ahhh, well done. Rise.”
I let him slowly come out of my mouth and rose to meet his eyes.
When I met his eyes, he smiled, grabbed me by my waist and threw me to the middle of the bed. I was surprised and yelped a little. As I looked to the end of the bed, Adican was removing his shirt and I saw him nude. He was gorgeous. Adican knelt on the foot of the bed and took the hem of my dress at the slit and pulled the slit tearing my dress in two. I was now fully exposed, he ran his hands up my legs to my thighs and just grazed my slit with his thumbs. As he teased my pussy he said, “Tonight you may be as loud and vocal as you please, but at other times I will restrict you. I know that you will have little control for some time, but you will need to learn that the whole of you is at my disposal and control.”
I nodded so that he would know I understood.
Adican grasped the sides of my thong and pulled them down my legs, “You will not cover your pussy ever again. I must have access at all times.”
I nodded again. He kissed my knees then up my thighs, to my pussy. I didn’t know what to expect since I had never had a face so close to my private area. Adican blew lightly on my wet slit then pulled my lips apart and blew on the sensitive skin underneath. I moaned, as I watched him touch and blow on my pussy. Adican then kissed my clit and took it in his mouth, as I had with his cock. He bit softly, then started licking my slit from bottom to top, ending with a flick of the tongue against my clit. I was moaning, writhing and getting wetter. I watched as he slowly pulled back from me and Ifelt his strong hand started to caress me, the same way his tongue had just moments before. Adican soon inserted his finger inside me and was moving in and out as he had moved my head, when he fucked my mouth. I wanted more, but was afraid to ask. I watched his face and pleaded with my eyes for him to take me.
He smiled and said, “You want me to take you, but I need to prepare you more so it will hurt less. You are hard to resist, you are so tight and so wet. I want to take you now and not do what I must.”
He was still moving this fingers in and out as he spoke and I moaned and nodded my head.
“Please, please, please….,” was all I could say.
Adican smiled. He stopped pistoning in and out of my pussy and started kissing up my stomach. I watched his eyes, as he sucked my breasts and rubbed my pussy. Adican came to my lips and kissed me softly, building to a hard kiss, as I felt his cock gliding up and down my slit. I was moaning and trying to beg for him to enter me. Adican slowed the kiss and the movement of his cock. He was at my opening. I moved my hips a touch and his head was inside me. He held back no longer and thrust hard into me. I felt a pain as ifI was being torn in two. Adican held his mouth over mine, as I tried to scream. He held still until I stopped trying to scream. The pain was dulling and pleasure was growing, I wanted him to move. I moved for him by lowering my hips, Adican took the hint and started to move in and out of my pussy.
He stopped kissing me and quietly spoke in my ear, “You belong to me and I shall have you as I desire.”
All I could say was, “Yes, yes, yes.”
Adican smiled wickedly at that and said, “I’m going to fuck you now!”
Adican fucked me gently then turned more rough, causing me to spasm around him and dig my nails into his back. He grabbed my hands and held my wrists above my head with one hand and continued to pound me.
I came and he said, “You will need to learn to only cum when I tell you you can.” I nodded, unable to speak. He started to pull all the way out and ram back in violently causing my pussy to spasm with each thrust.
“Oh so tight, so tight,” Adican moaned.
As he rose above me, releasing my wrists he grabbed my thighs and pulled my legs above the bed. His cock reached deeper into my pussy. I felt him so deep inside me, I moaned his name and he fucked me harder. I orgasmed over and over as he fucked me. Adican’s cock was pulsing and he pushed hard and deep, groaning as he released deep inside me.
As he lay on top of me, I knew that all I had gone through to get to this point, was worth all the pain.